The RSA is an umbrella site where the many member chapters of the Regency Society are represented. The chapters can be from the USA, from Canada or anywhere in the Americas.  The groups must represent the Regency period, be it for plain reenactment (military and civilian), in dance, in culture, in costume, in education, in literature or in all of the above; your group should follow any or all of these period pursuits in order to be a member of the RSA. If your group only does Napoleonic Reenactment, that is perfectly fine. The idea is to consolidate all the groups around the country so they can be easy to find, and to bring together all the aspects of the period we love into one 'clearing house' where we can share our love for the period.

The Regency period in our estimation ranged from 1790 - 1820. Some groups may stray into a period before that, and perhaps a little after that, that is perfectly fine. We do not impose any strict format of how an RSA group should be represented. We merely love the period and want to connect others who love that same period as well.  We also want to encourage people to learn more about it, to learn its crafts and pursuits, to immerse oneself in the activities and events that occurred during that time.

We will promote your events as needed, and Chapter presidents/leaders may have access to this page to contribute articles and more, upon request.

There is also a wonderful forum, which has been around for quite a while, and that may require some fresh blood, but it is chock-full of wonderful research on the period and information on costume.  Please also like us on Facebook. Our like page is a great place to start a dialogue.

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